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Steve on Stage Windsor
Steve on Stage Windsor
Steve on Stage RADA
Steve on Stage RADA
2011 A message popped up on FaceBook "Would you like to Open the 2012 London Olympics?"
2013 "Would you like to perform in the UEFA Champions OC at Wembley" - well, ok then...........

Having performed in front of 100,000 people with a TV audience of 52 million (uk)
and 1 Billion worldwide, I sort of got hooked!
When 100,000 people clap you it's....well - what can I say - Joyous

The only thing I have conceded to be amateur at is Squash.
For everything else I always strive to be among the best;
so for Acting I took a three pronged approach (which GSMD turned into about 12 prongs!)
Academia - So LAMDA, Guildhall
Experience - Two Repertory companies
Marketing - Hence this web site, and say 'Yes' to everything...

The last key element is an Agent.....