Main Headshot Steve Broad Actor
Main Headshot Steve Broad Actor
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Check out Vol 2...
Seduction Seduction
A friends Show reel,
which I helped out on
Collaboration Waves of Sleep
Short film, graduation piece by UAL Director: Sofia Rivolta to be shown to industry shortly. I play the male lead, a professor of Shakespeare Interwoven with lots of texture and sub text
Seduction A point of view
A play surrounding the current judicial system whilst exploring various other judicial system including tribal based systems and the flaws they all contain.
If someone is bad? Can you find it?
"There is no art to finding the minds construction in the face" William Shakespeare
Due to be workshopped at Greenwich Theatre (after Covid)
Collaboration Just Popping Out Dear
My third book is based upon my motorcycle adventures. The tale of the 1 1/3 testicles; Courier tales from the Seventies & Eighties and a bit of touring thrown in.
53 motorcycles and 1 girl.
Wonderful A Wonderful Adventure
Voice over project for this wonderful, positive piece
Stanzas Stanzas in Solidarity
Another lockdown project,
which was going to include
The Sonnets, but has grown into
Stanzas, out soon
Storyteller Drakmah

Playing the storyteller
on Drakmah's new single

Holby City S21 E48 Holby City
The BBC's hospital drama,
I play a lothario to a
special guest on the show;
Mum's the word here!
Airs around the 28th November
The Crown The Crown S3, S4
Netflix's The Crown Series 3 Á 4,
Very fortunate to be selected
for Two featured extras roles
Write here Write Now WHWN 2020
8 Lives, 9 Deaths
My 4th Year in this festival
Playing a real live James Bond
I could tell you more but then....
Collaboration Collaboration

Ronald Harwoods Collaboration
comes to the Moot House
Harlow, 9th to 11th May.
Then on to the Tristan Bates  
theatre in the West End. I play
the lead of Richard Strauss 
.  in this examination of the
collaborations  with Stefan
Zweig and the Nazis
Steve on Stage RADA Hatton Garden Job

Documentary for ITV
Move over Ray Winston
I'm playing Danny Jones..
..this time
Gomarrah Season 2 Gomorrah
Sky Atlantic's epic drama,
I play a stock broker
helping Genny finance his realm
Divinity: Fallen Heroes Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Being scanned to appear
in this popular game

Contexture Repertory Theatre
Contexture Repertory Theatre
Jorvik Repertory Theatre
Jorvik Repertory Theatre