Main Headshot Steve Broad Actor
Main Headshot Steve Broad Actor
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Hijack Lady Gabor

Wonderful set to work on very collaborative
Set on a plane, where.....
No spoilers here!
Lady Gabor

New writing at the Hen & Chickens N1
Opens on the 26th November
I play Nugget a 'posh' Alcoholic, watch me dry out....
Hijack Lady Gabor

Series 3 of this exciting drama set in Brighton. I played a barrister in Series 1, and now; Chris the fisherman opening series 3. I wish that what I caught had got away
A point of view

A play surrounding the current judicial system whilst exploring various other judicial system including tribal based systems and the flaws they all contain.
If someone is bad? Can you find it?
"There is no art to finding the minds construction in the face" William Shakespeare
Due to be workshopped at Greenwich Theatre (after Covid)
Puddles Just popping out

This is in preproduction, it was cast during the pandemic but cancelled several times. A grat deal of work was involved in crerating a project (based on Mixed Doubles) that would entertain all and go out over variou smedia before being performed. Talks are underway with several theatres to stagethis late 2022 early 2023
Just Popping Out

My third book is based upon my motorcycle adventures. The tale of the 1 1/3 testicles; Courier tales from the Seventies & Eighties and a bit of touring thrown in.
53 motorcycles and 1 girl.
A campaign to help Keep Theatre Alive on Twitter
Check out Vol 2...
Brother Leo Brother Leo
Cheeky little role for this Music Video
for Brother Leo, I play Joseph (The Dad)
New Works Playhouse New Works Playhouse

A global masterpiece featuring a global cast.
Zoom based internet read throughs,
but still cast and performed.
This venture is incredibly supportive of the
writers and collaboration is the name of the game,
Contexture Repertory Theatre
Contexture Repertory Theatre
Jorvik Repertory Theatre
Jorvik Repertory Theatre